I’m Still A Strength Coach…

While many in the industry consider me a “business guy”, training clients has always been my first love and I think it is safe to say that it’s what has really laid the foundation for my success. There’s just something so special about connecting with another human being and helping them transform themselves.

It also keeps me focused on the big picture: that the business of fitness is really about people.

That’s why even though I spend a considerable amount of time working with other fitness professionals and gyms, I still maintain a handful of clients that I train at my gym in Orlando, Spark Fitness.

Most of my work revolves around helping people look leaner, feel better, and get stronger. Some clients even report enjoying the process. That part is my favorite.

If you think you would like to train with me then let’s start some dialogue here.

Relevant Credentials:

  • HKC Kettlebell Instructor
  • TRX Suspension Training Specialist
  • Combat Strength and Conditioning Coach

From the moment I went in for my consultation with David, I knew I found a personal training team that was committed to my goals and well being. The workouts are engaging and keep me motivated and challenged. David, and his staff shows a genuine interest in their clients. I feel very fortunate to have a place like Spark Fitness, and a trainer like David, to help keep me accountable in my health and fitness journey.

Whitney W.

I reached out to David because I had a back injury and I knew after seeing him with his clients, he was capable of helping me get free of pain. After 6 weeks of pain I began training with David, and 2 weeks into the training my pain was almost completely gone.

Now pain free I feel stronger than ever, my movement is more precise, I am performing better in my workouts than I have in years. David’s attention to detail, his programming specificity, and his unique ability to focus on my needs are present at every workout he puts me through. Pain brought me to David, but feeling stronger, being pain free, and dropping body fat are what will keep me around.

Greg D.

After signing up for the Tough Mudder event, I knew that I needed to get in shape. In three months David transformed me from a slouching office drone into a lean, mean mudding machine. His knowledge about both fitness and nutrition were paramount to my success.

Whether you’re looking for weight loss, general fitness, or specific event training: Dave’s the man.

Gabe G.