Let’s work together…

One of the aspects that makes my perspective so unique is that I can help solve most problems simply because I’ve been there. Corporate fitness management, independent personal trainer, small business owner; all have been stops on my career journey.

By working with fitness professionals and businesses of all levels I have successfully been able to assist in the opening of 6 independent facilities, increase revenues exponentially, and develop systems that allow business owners to have the freedom and stability they desire.

With that in mind, I tend to add the most value to three types of situations:

  1. Transitioning employed personal trainers into financially stable independent fitness professionals.
  2. Helping independent fitness professionals open their first successful training facility within their budget.
  3. Working with struggling fitness businesses to increase profits and find their place in a competitive market.

Fitness businesses need to do 2 things to be successful: serve a lot of people and make enough money to keep serving those people.

I can help you do both.

Consulting Options:

Strategy Call

Let’s hop on the phone for 30 minutes to discuss your unique set of challenges. I will ask questions, tell you how I would approach things, and make recommendations on how we should move forward.

I’m not going to turn your whole business around in one call, but at least you’ll have some direction and a couple ideas you can implement right away.

Monthly Business Coaching

This is hands-down the best way for us to work together and ensure the best outcome for your business. We’ll hop on (3) 50 minute video calls each month where I will address your challenges, share best practices, and hold you accountable to making the moves needed to reach your goals. In addition, we’ll also focus on the following area:

Vision – Where you are career-wise, what you like and don’t like about your current situation, and where you want to go short-term as well as long-term.

Numbers – Discussion of the hard stats of your business. We’ll analyze your metrics, set goals, make adjustments, and identify key indicators.

Business Model/Programs/Products – We will examine the products and/or programs you are offering and determine if they are the right fit for your vision. We will also evaluate if there are improvements that can be made to increase your revenue, retention, or value.

Marketing – We will work on crafting the right message for your business and making sure it accurately reflects your uniqueness. We will also find the right avenues to broadcast that message to the client demographic that your business most accurately serves. This will make it possible to only work with clients that you love and that value your work appropriately.

After each call, you will get a detailed recap that will include action items to complete before our next call which will ensure continuous progress.

This program requires a 3-month commitment, because let’s face it, it won’t happen overnight. However, if I can’t help you make decent headway in 90 days then you should drop me like a bad habit.

On-Site/One Off Consulting

Have a project that might require to me to show up in person? I can do that.

Whether you need me to work with your team, help you design your facility, or simply just do a 2 day deep dive working in your business to get things on the right track, I can build a personalized solution for you. Shoot me message and we’ll get the ball rolling.